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Anubias has good growth but what the heck is growing on it???

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Title says it all. I'm hoping someone can ID what is going on with my plant.

I purchased an Anubias about 3 months ago and have it in a 5 gallon solo aquarium. I do not dose Flourish and I do not use Co2, and use the standard LED lights that came with the tank.

I'm noticing on all but the newer growths and leaves that there's this powdery growth darkening the leaves. It almost looks as if the fish food is collecting on the plant leaves or something but when I try to rub it off it still leaves like a dark grayish brown residue. I've never seen this before but the plant is growing fairly well and all of the new shoots look perfect. I've attached photos of the older leaves and the newer ones to compare but can anyone ID what is going on here?


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You know what, I thought the same thing but even when I scrape the leaves with my thumbnail the dark residue stays on. It's growing like crazy so I don't know if its a bad thing but I still am curious about what the cause is to prevent this in the future.
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