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I have a bunch of plants for sale. I am an avid plant collector and grower! I've been experimenting with the Wabi-kusa and clay material for years. I can make anything out of clay and it will look like rock or wood!

Anubias lancelata
Plant Flower Terrestrial plant Flowering plant Herbaceous plant
3x $12.00 for all $4.50 each SOLD

Anubias minima Plant Leaf Twig Terrestrial plant Flowering plant
3x $10.00 for all 3.50 ea.SOLD

Anubias nana Plant Terrestrial plant Herbaceous plant Houseplant Flowering plant
3x 12.00 for all $4.50 each

Anubias nangii Plant Ingredient Terrestrial plant Leaf vegetable Food
2x $14.00 or 7.50 ea.SOLD
Ingredient Botany Cuisine Dish Plant

Crypt mix 6 ea Cblassi, C lucens, C lutea, C petchii, C pontederiifolia
all for $35.00SOLD
Plant Houseplant Twig Terrestrial plant Flowering plant

Marbled swords 3x $12.00 or $5 ea
Plant Terrestrial plant Twig Flowering plant Root

Windelov java fern $10..00 Discount $9.00
Plant Houseplant Flowerpot Leaf Botany
Sarracennia mix $6.00 ea.

Natural material Finger Wood Grass Terrestrial plant

Clay log. Low fire, great for attaching plants to. This has two moss species attached. NOID moss and Java moss
Recipe Ingredient Sculpture Wood Art

Large clay build. I made this to go on the back of an terrarium. It is made of low fire clay with many "cups" it is designed to drip water from the top down.
It has been cut up to fit in kiln for firing but as you can see can be assembled easily and attached with silicone. It is also designed to have enough room for a small pump and water riser behind it.
This would make a great freshwater reef!
$50.00 plus actually shipping cost as it is relatively heavy and would need good packing. (send zipcode for $)

I can custom make all kinds of clay structures big and small, contact me if you'd like.

These are little mixed balls of plants

Plant Twig Terrestrial plant Ingredient Grass

this has dwarf horsetail, Hydrocotyle, Seliginella, Lilieaopsis, moss and more use as above. $14.00

Shipping cost is $6.00 for any 1 item or group and $8.00 for mutliples. Except of course for the large clay structure.

I ship Mondays expertly packed and with a 40 hr heat pack if needed.


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