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Anubias Congensis

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Anyone know anything about Congensis, was at petsmart and grabbed it figureing why not, im adding it to my new tank, Dirt and light, daytime blue spectrum bulbs, im good there, but is it the size and leaf shape thats the only difference from nana, ive got a good stem going right now of nana, im assuming itll be practically no difference from that. Also if anyone knows anyting about Bacopa id love to know, is it similar to DHG as in it carpets but gets tall or does it not carpet?
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Anubias congensis grows really tall, between one and two feet. However, it grows rather slowly, like most anubias.
Great as background to mid ground plant. Keep in low to med. light. In high light, use co2. Love this plant anyway. :3
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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