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I have for sale many rare plants that are very hard to find and rarely offered for sale in the U.S.

1:The first one is the Anubias Sp. "Chilli" an exciting new nano morph of everyones favorite small Anubias. This is a very very tiny plant that has a ton of character, great leaves and will be an exciting addition to your planted tank.

Anubias Sp. "Chilli" : 10 leaf portions 60$

2: Echinodorus Opacus Verde: $60 per plant, large plant.

Overview: Echinodorus Opacus Verde is the smallest plant in the Echinodorus opacus family, and it is the most popular one. It is usually used for shrimp tank due to its enormous and beautiful leaf structure. The leaves of Echinodorus Opacus Verde are colored bright green. This is a very rare plant and sought after by collectors looking for something unique in their tanks.

Lighting conditions: Low to High
Growth Length: 5 – 10 cm (height)
Difficulty or care: Moderate
Placement in an aquascape: Background

3: Dark "Skeleton King" Buce
Large buce with great coloration, similar to a sword and large for being a buce. You will love them.

I also have the "Mini Skeleton King" also similar to the large just a smaller version of it and it will stay rather small in comparison to the larger version.

"Skeleton King" $14.99
Mini "Skeleton King" $12.99

Shipping: Shipping is available on Monday-Wednesday. and Saturdays only. Priority Shipping is $7 per package. DOA coverage if delivered on time and on first attempt. Must contact me within one hour of delivery with clear pictures. Buyer pays all additional postage.


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