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Update 23 APR. Still Available. I have been very generouse with the orders. Giving lots of extras. I don't want to through any away.

Hello fellow members. I have a mess of anubias (normal size) and anubias petite for sale or trade. It's been growing out for over year in my 120G. It's way overgrown. I had a few rhizomes over 12 inch's long with multiple branches. There is some black algae on some leaves but I'm trimmed most of it off. I'm selling it very cheep due to that.

The anubias is for sale for 4$ plus shipping for 5 good leaves.
The petite is for sale for 5$ plus shipping. Will provide discounts for multiple orders.

I'm also willing to trade for Java Fern, Jungle Val, Cryptocoryne, Green Tiger Lotus, Amazon Sword, or moss.

I have a lot so PM if you want to make a deal.

Can send pictures on request.
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