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anubias and java ?

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I set up a 30gal with tons of wood and some anubias and java species I was wanting to know what I can do to speed up the growth I know their both slow growing but what ferts would help and does lighting effect the growth also should I inject C02.
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Both are slow growers. Anubias plants tend to grow 1 leaf per month, depending on the size of your rhizome. The larger the rhizome, the more growth you'll see. Your java fern will continue to grow, and should start to grow new plantlets on the leaves. Pull those off and plant them/tie to driftwood.

Think about how large they'll be in the future. Don't frown at their current size.

One of my tanks holding anubias have 24/7 light on them, under 2.4 watts.
Ample co2, ferts. I still only see 1 leaf per month per rhizome. Some things just take time.

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