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another xp3 question

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ok I got it all setup and running but now find that the flow rate is less than expected (200g/hr)...The hoses look fine, they are clear, the media is clean...Is there anything else that I can do to improve the flow? I noticed the impeller o ring has a half inch space and they recommend replacing that, does that have anything to do with flow rate? i think the filter is about 3 years old , I bought it used...thanks...
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Definitely... water bypassing the impeller O-ring will reduce overall flow. Half an inch gap is a lot... have you tried taking the gasket out, giving it the old silicone grease rub, and fitting it back in without the space? It is pretty flexible, so that should be easy to do.
Make sure the hoses are on nice and tight, if the hoses are old Id bet there is a leak unseen to the eye. My hoses were loose fitting after a year and all I did was re-seat them and add zip ties. problem solved.
The filter media you use also comes into play with flow rate...
You'd be doing good for yourself if you are actually getting 200 gph. Rena lists the flow rate for the XP3 with media and accessories as ~187gph and 350gph without media.
Yeah their rated 187gph. But in the advertisements you only see the big bold 350gph rating, which is just the pump and not including media and hoses, etc.

I havent yet flow tested mine but this is what I did. Customize the media. I filled the first basket like 3/4 with Eheim ceramic cylinders for coarse mechanical filtration. Then I have used 1 coarse and 1 medium foam pad (not two of each). After that use a good flowing bio media, I've used a few different types in two XP3's like even just potscrubbers for example, and finally the white fine pad. I feel this helped just slightly, but I havent tested it with a flow meter yet to compare. Also clean the filter regularly, as the pads start to collect crap it slows down. I am working on a DIY intake strainer to replace the Rena one, its way to small and clogs pretty fast in my tanks. If you want more current you could also try the power jet nozzle instead of spraybar - I dont know if the total flow is any different but the jet concentrates it and creates a stronger current. Or just add some powerhead /circulation pumps to increase the flow in your tank.
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I would not worry too much about the flowrate.
as long as the water is passing over your media
properly, the filter is going to do it's job biologically.
if you need more water movement in the tank,
simply buy any separate and cheap powerhead.
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