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I'm about to trim and my estimates of quantities tend to be at the lower end. I'll be adding more plants as I ago along...
>>> Ready to ship <<< before it all melts away

Rotala roundifolia Package:
50+ stems (many branching, ~4"-10" tall)
sorted by height and bundled
---> $20 shipped

Evil Plant Package:
20 rooted plants + runners
~6"-8" seems to top out at ~12"
Presumed to be Echinorodus tenellus but could be some weird Sag
still waiting on ID, see my thread on this plant
grows dense and bushy with runners that have runners
once established, will conquer 175% of the available tank volume
---> $17 Shipped

Bits and Pieces Package:
~ 5 Ludwigia repens x arcuata (colorfull)
~ 5 Limnophila aromatica 'hippuroides' (~3-5" 'heads')
~ 5 Limnophila sessiliflora (within CA, ~8"+)
~ 4 Vallisneria spiralis (Italian Vals, ~18")
~ 4 HM (regular baby tears, multi-branched, 4-8", sorted)
1 sandwich bag of Java Moss (might have some HC)
w/e else looks good at the moment :icon_evil
---> $25 Shipped

or PM for specific plants / quantities
Combine packages and save on shipping

Shipment: USPS Priority w/tracking within USA only. I do not use heat or cold packs. $7 for non-package deals.
Payment: PayPal

[The sink is 18" w x 16" h]

Rotala roundifolia Package:

"Echinorodus tenellus" Package:

HM: this is what I mean when I say "multi-branched":

Plants from this guy:

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