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Reading this thread moved me to post.

I've had a 55 gal that I got used up and running for a couple of years. It has never leaked a drop. But a while back I noticed that some of the visible silicone seams do not appear perfectly smooth. Instead of a perfectly smooth straight line, in a couple of places they appear to have deteriorated - sections have either smoothly pulled towards the corner suggesting "shrinkage", or show sharper delineations suggesting small pieces tore/peeled off. In some places, the visible silicone is approximately 1/2 the width it would be if it were a straight line.

I really don't know if it was always like this and I just noticed it, or if it has happened progressively. I noticed it when I was scrubbing some algae from the corners.

So whaddya think? Is this a catastrophe waiting to happen? Or is the structurally important stuff between the panes of glass and the silicone I see is of lesser importance?
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