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Another Rex Grigg's Reactor Thread - 60 Gallon

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I am planning on adding a Rex Grigg’s CO2 reactor to my 60 gallon planted tank. I’m currently using an inline atomizer that has only been setup for a couple days but I already dislike the champagne bubbles in the tank. I wanted to make sure my plan was sound and I also had some questions.

The reactor will be pumped via my existing canister filter, a Hydor 350 Professional. The filter is rated at 280 gallon/hour pump output with a max head of 5.91 feet. Currently there is probably too much circulation in my tank with this setup. There is a Hydor inline heater as part of the output and I was planning on placing this after the reactor from a spacing standpoint.

I have a good amount of left over 2” schedule 40 PVC pipe that I was planning on using. I would use a straight fitting on the top and an elbow fitting on the bottom. I also plan on replacing the spray bar with a DIY version out of 1/2” schedule 80 PVC. There will be a ball valve as part of this setup as well.

So now for the questions.

Will I have any obvious problems with this setup? I’m assuming the canister filter will not have any problems with the flow.

Will a 2” reactor be too big for my setup? If it is OK, how tall would you recommend? I do not believe there is a need for a bypass on this setup but I’m more than willing to build one if needed.
Thanks as always for the help/advice.
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