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Move them in buckets or bags for sure. It will be somewhat stressful regardless. But it's a heck of a lot safer to move them in smaller containers. Way more convenient for you.

Get your critters into buckets. Keep them from overheating. If you have a battery-powered airstone or sponge? Awesome. If not? It'll be okay. Promise.

Keep your filter media wet on the journey. I usually store it wet in the filter or tie it up in a bag with tank water. Never had an issue - even after several days of travel.

Drain all the water from the tank. Shore up any hardscape you want to leave in-tank with bubble wrap, plastic bags, newspaper, packing paper, that sort of thing. Cover the tank with plastic wrap and tape it up to create a seal.

I find it helpful to have some wood slightly larger than the tank itself beneath the tank when moving/carrying. Makes things way easier.

If you want some super-detailed info about moving, feel free to poke through or search my post history, as I've gone in-depth with a few people the past year who did the same thing. Or if you have nervous questions or concerns, post 'em here. Some of us have been through this a ton of times and are happy to share.

Edit: Just make sure you're over-prepared. Not because you need to be but because you'll feel better about the move in general. Have some spare water in a jug. Towels. Maybe blankets to wrap tanks up for protection. Whatever it takes. It'll go way smoother than you're expecting but it definitely helps to feel prepared.
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