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Another Lily Pipe Question

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So, almost all my searches bring up glass lily pipes. I have a shorter tank. I only have 24cm from the top of my tank to the top of my substrate. My filter has 16mm ID and 22mm OD hose. I need 17mm pipe. Almost all the pipe I see for an intake is around 30cm. Too long for my tank.

I have seen the Cal Aqua Influx X3s which would work, but at $80.00 at Green Leaf Aquariums it a bit more than I want to pay for the single pipe.

I have seen some cheaper pipes. One set I seen was 23cm from the bottom of the U to the end of the intake. I thought that might still be slightly too long.

I seen another set that shows an 16.5cm intake but it also lists a 30cm intake. You have a selection of 10mm/13mm/17mm diameter and intake or output. I does not say if you can get the 17mm diameter pipe at the 16.5cm length. So, I am assuming if you pick the 17mm intake it will be 30cm long.

I was wondering if anyone had any other options they knew for a 17mm lily pipe intake, glass or acrylic, 22cm or shorter.

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Get a 12/16mm pipe which definitely shorter then get a hose convertor for 12mm to 16mm
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Won't reducing to a 1/2" hose from 5/8" bottleneck the flow reducing the rate?

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I have seen the Cal Aqua Influx X3s which would work, but at $80.00 at Green Leaf Aquariums it a bit more than I want to pay for the single pipe.

I have seen some cheaper pipes.
If $80 is too much for you to spend on an inlet filter pipe, then you probably shouldn't get one in the first place. (i just use the Eheim inlet filter pipes if i don't have the money to upgrade to a nice glass inlet filter pipe.) My experience with the inlet filter pipes in particular is that (1) you get what you pay for and (2) you will need to spend a lot for a quality inlet filter pipe in particular.

The cheaper inlet filter pipes can make compromises with (1) glass thickness, (2) number of slits and/or (3) quality of the slits. (If there are not a lot of slits, then the filter pipe can get clogged easily by, say, floating leaves and other debris which potentially reduces the flow. If you have a lot of slits, then the flow rate isn't impeded as much by that one floating leaf.) Plus, all glass lily pipes will eventually break from handling them incorrectly so you will eventually have to get another one.

The Regular Cal Aqua Labs brand inlet filter pipes are nice (i've never tried any of the new, shorter ones). (TPT won't allow product reviews so i can't call out some of the other brands i've tried...) I did just get a VIV 17 mm inlet filter pipe and that's on the shorter side. Not sure of the dimensions, but you should be able to look that up easily here.
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Look on Ebay for acrylic pipes, there is one source out of China and the pipes are fairly short so they sound like what you are looking for. They go for about $26 a set. Other alternatives include stainless steel which can be had from Ebay UK but they are pricey at about $80 for the least expensive of them. Also you can fairly easily bend your own from acrylic tubing but putting a decent flair in them is difficult, but then again who actually needs the flair.
Jeff is right about the quality of glass on the cheaper tubes (especially the Chinese ones) as I've broken a few of them before switching to acrylic. But I've even broken one of those so I must be pretty ham fisted.
Hmm, searching around the internet, I have seen multiple pics of acrylic intake tubes were the stopper in the end was discolored. The tubes looked clean. It was just the stopper. Anyone else seen this problem with acrylic pipes?

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Another option you might want to consider is lily pipe spacers. I saw a pic somewhere in this forum of a piece of acrylic tubing. One end was slotted to slide down onto the rimless tank edge. The other end was slotted & radiused for seating the lily pipe. With this DIY spacer, you could raise the desired pipe and get the clearance from the substrate. :bounce:

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I am wondering if it was this post.

If so, its an interesting idea. Not sure I could pull it off, but interesting still.

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That's the one! Good luck finding a solution. :bounce:
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