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Another ID needed Thanks

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This stuff can get large cloudy like stuff. I double dosed the last three weeks and added new plants without disenfecting the wood.

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wow , Im not sure,. I know your plants are sunset hygro, and wisteria , that ugly algea seems to be black brush ? HTH ~ maybye black hair algea ... but seems to thick .. Hope you get answers fast , but remeber its NOT what your dosing , its somthing in your tank ,MOST likely your co2 is NOT at a correct level . read some of tom bars advice. and thier is also a algea id form on one of these threads, I will try to find it for you . It is not going to help to just treat' the algea and get rid of it, you need to find the sorce' . I know its not from ferts, It could DEF be from your co2. what is yoru rate thier ?? what size tank is this, and how mant plants are in here >? and how much lighting is on this tabk ? low lighting and too much co2 is what it seems like from my novice eyes. HTH ~& GL !
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From your specs way to much O2. You need C02 thats your problem. The amount of ferts and lights your never going to get rid of that algea. No matter how much you dose with out CO2 its useless. As for the plants I agree with Izzie.
I use excel no CO2. This change is in a tank that only had wood addition with plants. The algae got so bad on it I removed it and now it is starting on these plants. It took a month for it to show up on these plants after I removed the wood. I am ordering some nerites, just because. I have looked a lot of good web site ID's and as you know some look a like. Right now I can't increase the Excel because I have found that the Discus are sensitive to the increase. The extra O2 I have in there is because the tank is 24" deep. The discus kept going to the top for air. I have had the tank a while and It might be that we are coming out of summer solstice and the light in the room is changing. When the wood got this stuff it was fluffy and cloudy. Water is 0, 0. 4 6.5 ph steady. I removed these plants and I will be selling most of the discus they are not fry any more. I now have what I am guessing is a small amount of diatoms on the inlet but is rusty and real thick. I will be replacing my UV light bulb now. I usually do this the first of the year. I will add more plants soon since I removed a lot with this algae. They are soaking now.
You know how hard some algaes are to treat and diagnose. Oh well I will work on it. I reduced the light time by another hour and I had run a PAR meter and it showed less wattage then stated mid tank.
The only other strange thing that happened over this time is that the plants are growing at a very fast rate. It is more like I have CO2. I could trim every couple of days.
I put my fertz in a daily pill case for the week. My husband filled them and he doubled the fertz I did not notice that there was an increase. But as you said that probably did not change anything.
I do have a small amount of GSA but I always have had that. No biggie!
I have been lucky over the years this is my first algae other then GSA and diatoms from changes I have made to this tank. Balance is such a strange thing to me in a fish tank.
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