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hi all,

so I was just given a used Fluval Edge, 6g but the light is dead. I was planning on upgrading my shrimp to this tank, and having it lightly planted with low light plants (anubias, java fern, moss, crypt). I've been reading all of the Edge posts I can find on here, and I'm left unsure how to proceed.

Is the stock light so bad? I was contemplating going with the marineland 11" LED instead and just putting it in front of the hood, but I was hoping to keep it all clean as it was intended so that's a little disappointing.

if I do go with the stock light, is the 21 enough or do I need the 42? Or, will the 42 cause algae in it's "beam" in the middle of the tank?

Are there any easy, inexpensive ideas I'm missing? I don't have a ton of cash for this. I'm even open to CFL...that's what I have on the little nano they're in now and the plants are happy enough, I'm just not sure how to rig that up.

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