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I tore my 11 gallon down about 2 weeks ago out of boredom with my scape, it had been up and running for approx a year and a half. I migrated all my CRS and CBS to a dedicated shrimp Tank I've had up for about 6 months. This time I wanted to try and carpet HC with a dry start. I was successful with a thick "carpet" of the much easier Repens in the last scape.

It's only been planted for 5 days but so far so good. I'm expecting some of the white mold to appear (hopefully not) but no signs of it yet. I'm keeping the humidity level up just by eye balling the moisture in the soil, while being careful not to create any puddles. I'm being very cautious as to how much water is added, I'm mostly spraying the sides of the glass with a spray bottle only spraying directly on the ada soil on the hill that was made in my scape because it tends to dry out faster. Waiting for some leaves to turn yellowish/brown as that is what I've seen in other members dry starts.

The tank is wrapped in Saran Wrap most of the day only aired out for 30 min in the morning before I head to work and about an hour at night when the lights go out. Pretty excited about trying something new, but can already tell this will be a lengthy process, glad I have other tanks to play with in the meantime. It's doubtful I will be able to wait till I have a full carpet of HC before I flood the tank. Other than just waiting till I have a healthy root system before I call it go time and crank the co2. I've read I need to start out at 6bps for the first week it's flooded and move down a bps each week after l. Fingers crossed I make it that far!

Any tips or tricks in growing of HC with a dry start Water Purple Organism Liquid Violet
is GREATLY appreciated!!
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