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i just registered to say THANK YOU.
I have been hacking on my ardunio for a while now and everything was working fine....
Menu and submenus, Light saving on display (switch of 1 minute after last button pressed), RTC, temperature reading.
but i had problems with the light controls.

first i tried to use TimeAlarms to set alarms when to trigger a new end value and then count down or up every 5 seconds... could have worked good, but i also have some manual settings in my menu.
for example all light off or at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% or automatic (automatic was using the events of TimeAlarm)

it was working, but after going from manual mode to automatic it was missing the events and did not calculate the current value for the light.

you solved my biggest issue with my arduino! :proud:

with kind regards

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just a quick question:
Do you have any idea why my lamp is on 0 now? time 22:33 with following channel config:
Channels[0].Pin = 13;
Channels[0].AddPoint(6, 0, 1);
Channels[0].AddPoint(8, 0, 1);
Channels[0].AddPoint(8, 30, 255);
Channels[0].AddPoint(11, 30, 255);
Channels[0].AddPoint(12, 0, 0);
Channels[0].AddPoint(17, 0, 0);
Channels[0].AddPoint(17, 30, 255);
Channels[0].AddPoint(22, 0, 255);
Channels[0].AddPoint(22, 30, 1);
Channels[0].AddPoint(0, 59, 1);
Channels[0].AddPoint(1, 00, 0);

The reason why i sometimes use 1 and 0 as intensity is because when it is 0 i set another digital output to switch off power completely. so with 1 it is supposed to be moon light.

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