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I tried to post some answers to a few questions from my orirginal thread:

For whatever reason though I can't seem to get it to post so here's my reply to anyone to was interested. Thanks for the comments. Let me see if I can answer the questions. This tank has been running a little over a year. I've kept fish for over 30 years and decided to give a planted tank a try.

The riccia isn't too tough to keep up. It get's trimmed about every 2 weeks. I just mow it with scissors and catch all the clippings with a net.

The CO2 is at approximately 30 ppm according to my drop checker at a rate of 3-4 bps. I add a tsp of Seachem EQ with the weekly 50% water change to provide Ca and Mg for the plants. I don't add anything for the KH.

I have recently started adding 3ml of Flourish Iron every other day and noticed the aromatica has taken on a a small amount of red so I think I will up it to 5 ml 3 x/ week and see what that does.
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