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Another 29 gallon help post

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Hey all im new here

Im in need of help with lighting for my tank i currently have a 29 gal with basic stock hood and 20 watts of light.My tank looks so dull and i wanna upgrade it.

Im not really interested in a planted tank rite now but maybe in the future i know i always change my mind alot lol.Im looking for something to just brighten up my tank without causing way too much algae growth and something good for plants if and when i decide to go live.Also i dont want to have to use co2.

Ive thought about just getting a twin tube strip lite and having 2x 20 watt bulbs but i hate the mineral buildup on the hood and if im correct i belive i would have to upgrade the hood anyway because the twin tube strip would not fit.

I was thinking of getting a Twin-Tube Versa-Top (do they do their job well and are they a pain in the you know what to clean?) and possibly getting one of these lights (links are below) incase i go live,but i cant figure out the diff between them besides the prices i guess ive been staring at my monitor for way too many hours lol.

These are both 24'' will they fit or do i need a 30'' or bigger for the twin versa top?Im also not sure if i would like the look of it sitting on the glass or with mounting legs so i would have to test it out i guess its just a matter of preference really.

Maybe one of these?
But i would probably hit myself for not going higher if i get plants haha.

I like the look of open tops but i am a smoker and i dont want it or dust getting in the tank,plus i have Adfs and dont want them jumping out.

I have looked at AHsupply but knowing me i would prolly brake something lol so i rather not Do it myself.

I just want basic lighting no yellow or blue tint.Any help is appreciated always.I have more questions and would like to get more opinions but im too tired to think of them rite now lol.Thank you for taking the time to read and looking foward to future posts here.
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Id suggest the coralife 30" t5 you posted if your looking into unplanted or low tech, it shouldnt cause much algae and will make the tank much nicer to look at. you would be able to grow low light plants quite nicely with it aswell if you ever wanted to go that route.
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