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another 10g light question.

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will this work for 10g tank? mostly low to medium light plants.

Single Lamp Fluorescent T5 Light from Deep Blue Professional.Model 120
20" T5 Light System - 8 Watt x 1 Lamp
Normal Output
Parabolic Reflector
Low Profile Thermally Conductive Aluminum Housing
Matte Black Finish
Energy Efficient
Fixture Dimensions: 20"L x 4"W x 2"H
Includes 10,000K Lamp
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Except for 8 watt tubes being only 12 inches (or so) long, this one looks a lot better than the other 8 watt fixtures I've seen.
you are right, for got about the length of the bulb. any cheap fixture out there has 18" bulbs?
Putting a T5 light on a standard 10 gallon tank is a waste of money. Even one T5HO bulb is way too much light, and I don't think there are any one bulb T5NO fixtures, but that would be borderline too much if there were one. To use these lights you need to suspend them quite a ways above the tank, perhaps 10 inches above the tank for a T5HO.

Why not just use cheap T8 light strips, two bulbs will give medium light?
Thats what I was looking for originally but all the hood for 10g only has single bulb, perhaps I wasn't looking at the right places.
Use 2 of them over a glass or open tank.

Alot of people are using spiral CFL lights on ten gallons with good results. Cheapo desk lamps are the only fixtures you would need.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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