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So I picked up my first "big kid" light, the Archaea Slim-Pro LED 13". It's too small length-wise for my 10 gallon so I just laid it directly on my glass top.

Specs from the box:
20pcs LED lamps
40ml per each LED luminous intensity
10w power output per fixture
0.5w per LED lamp
(it also notes "LED-36HL-Z" but I can't figure out what that refers to)

I'd always run low tech, no ferts or anything special other than potting soil capped with a gravel and flourite mix. Obviously the algae is now getting hard to keep up with.

I have all low-med light plants in there now, but I threw in a sword plant when I bought the light just to see what would happen. About 3 weeks in, it's not dead (yet) but some of the leaves are yellowing, color is washing out, and it just generally looks sad.

I'd love to try my hand at high-ish light (and carpeting plants if possible), but I'm feeling a little confused on where to start. I'm open to CO2, ferts, and swapping out the substrate if needed. Can someone help me figure out my WPG and generally point me in the right direction? Do I NEED to use CO2 for the sword? What happens if I don't use it? Will just adding ferts help my sad sword?


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