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Animals and Things Closing sale!

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Yup!! This place is finally closing! One of the signs said the owner is retiring. We were just there today to see what was going on.

There are no more puppies or kittens. And the birds section only has 2 finches left. No more mice or bunnies or guinea pigs. Didn't check the reptiles.

The fish are practically all gone. Everything at the moment is 10% off. All tanks are being sold. There's still some driftwood. The place is still decently full of merchandise. We are going to go back again in a few weeks to see whats left and what the sale is. May be worth the look if your around in the next month or so. :fish1:
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through a second hand source i was told they will not be discounting more than 10%. Essentially whatever is left over will be moving to another store...
so as usual no great deal from that place.
Oh man! I was soo hoping to find better deals closer to the end
Sad... Tough business running a specialty pet store. Margins are really low and competition from online retailers these days makes it even tougher...
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