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I know from past experience this is a bad idea, but I would like some info from anyone who has successfully "trained" an angel to not eat neons by having the neons in the tank first, and keeping the angel with the neons from when it is as small as the neons. Thanks!
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I have kept 2 Angels with my 10 neons for about 6 months now and IME you CAN keep both species, providing there is plenty of hiding spaces for the neons (kept in a 40G with plenty of plants). The other time i bought some neons they got eaten by some other inhabitant, i'm thinking loaches, but nothing verified. I also have some Espei Rasboras in there and havent lost a single one :icon_smil
Do you need to buy the neons larger and the angels smaller? Also, how fast do angels grow?
There are absolutely no guarantees with this combo, anyone who will make one doesn't know much about fish. Angels and Neons sometimes works but not always. There is no absolute fool proof way to guarantee that you will not loose any Neons because every fish is different and has it's own personality. Sometimes it works to have the Neons in the tank for a while before adding a small Angel, and by small I mean quarter-sized, and even then it doesn't always work. Neons are a natural food for Angels in the wild so you are trying to get predator and prey to live together, thus there are no guarantees. So it really boils down to the question of weather or not you are willing to try it, nobody can tell you definitively yes or no on this one.
I think I'd still be willing to try it. Neons are not always very expensive, I like the idea of having two fish from the same environment together. Of course, there is a good chance of the Angels getting some expensive snacks, but I figure if I get a small Angel, it will take a while for that to happen anyway. I think I will try it and watch the Angel's growth carefully.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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