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Angel's eye

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I have an angel with a sliver of white rimming a small portion (1/8th?) of his eye. There's no bulge I can see, nor is the white mark cottony or thread-like. Anywhere else and I'd figure it was a driftwood scratch or something. Any ideas??? No new fish added for several months.

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Angel's eye--update

So at this point the sliver has turned into more of a white dot or bump just at the edge of the eye socket. The eye itself might be bulging a bit but nothing significant at this point.

What are your recommendations for medicating?

I'd QT her and try an antibiotic.

Another possibility is a parasite, but I'd probably start off with an antibiotic as it may also kill some parasites.

Salt would be another good alternative to try, as it can be effective against both parasites and bacterial issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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