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I would love some input on my tank. This is my first build over 5 gallons and I really don't know what I'm doing, just learning as I go.

It's a marineland 38 bow front. I have discovered it is deeper than I should have gotten, but...
I have a penn plax 700 canister
30" Finnex planted + 24/7 SE
Pool filter sand
Spiderwood and river rock hardscape
Various anubias
Java fern
Val (I think mostly jungle Val)
Water wisteria
Water sprite
Ludwigia (not sure which, 2 different sources, left rear corner)
S. repens
Chain sword
Amazon sword
Red melon sword
Oriental sword
Dwarf water lily
Floating dwarf water lettuce
Many plants are less than 2-4 weeks in tank
1 Angelfish
10 corydoras aeneus, albino
2 mystery snails
7 nerite snails
Stock added 2 weeks ago
11 rummynose tetras, currently in qt
Possibly 2-3 GBR in the future

Tank set up and running since 3/17
Tank cycled, 0,0,10
Temp 78F

Root tabs
Was using flourish, switched to Thrive, 2xwk
I don't know what I'm doing with ferts. Advice would be greatly valued.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated

Just cuz he's pretty

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