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will Angel pick on neons and other community fish ?:fish:
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Angelfish will eat neons if you're not careful. It might harass fish that are too big to eat, but it varies from fish to fish. Mostly, I would be careful with barbs, serpae tetras, and other cichlids (dwarf cichlids should be fine, be very careful with other angelfish). You might be fine with neons if you put the neons in first, let them grow a little, then got an quarter or smaller sized angelfish and let it grow out with the neons. But, your mileage may vary. Doesn't always work.
get small angels. i pay $16 for 4 little one and i have many other little fishes and a bamboo shrimp. they're all fine now aleast.
do you now a place or website I could get some small Angles
Too bad you live in Iowa, I've got about 30 baby angels who need new homes right now! MOST angelfish you see in the pet shops are babies. it's VERY rare to see adults, they're not as resilient. When they say small angels, they mean baby angels - quarter sized or less. There are not "miniature" angelfish, by the way. If anyone sells you a "miniature" angelfish, it's been stunted and won't live very long or be very happy or healthy.
yea any pet store should have baby angels. Its cooler to watch them grow, then getting big ones.
My big ones ate most of my neons and killed several Hy511 tetras.
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