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angelfish, marmorkrebs, for sale

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I have a bunch of stuff for rehoming
Aquarium stuff:

-Marbled Angelfish, 2.5" from mouth to tail, $3 each or $40 for 16

-Self cloning crayfish (Marmorkrebs) $3 each, or $50 for the whole colony of 30 1" and bigger + 50 smaller juvenile
These are crayfish that clones itself, great for a science project and even as a source of live food, they are prolific breeder and eats any kind of fish food, just dont put them with plants because they will eat them.

-Aquarium rocks, i have about 35 lb for $ can buy less.

will deliver if you're near bridgeport, but need non refundable $30 deposit via paypal. can work out a better deal if you're buying a bunch of stuff. PM me

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man no one wants to buy these stuff ? Im willing to trade for plants,and fish food, breeder box,other fishes.
Plant wise, im looking for glosso, DHG, bolbitis, needle leave java fern, ludwigia, rotalla, riccia, hc, anubias petite nana.
fish wise im looking for pea puffer, corry juli, dwarf cory, pygmy cory, any kind of smaller anabantoid, just shoot me a message if you have a plant or fish you want to trade i might be interested. Thanks
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