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Angelfish fins

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Just bought two gold pearl angels yesterday. I acclimated them and put them in my 90g tank. I had a dwarf flame gourami in the tank already, and unfortunately he started picking on the new angels. So after a couple hrs I decided to go ahead and take the flame out and stick him in a 29g I have with Tetras in it. Now the gourami sits on the bottom hiding under some plants.
But today when my lights come on there seems to be something on the side fins of my angels. It is not ich cause I've battled ich before. And it's not fuzzy looking really. It's the part of the fin that's closes to the body not the outer edge of the fin. It just seems cloudy or something idk if it might just be where the gourami got them or what but they are really nice looking and don't want lose them. I cant get a pic of the spot cause they won't stop moving but they definantly seem to be getting around fine.

It's a bad pic but you can kind of see what I'm talking about if you look hard
Well I put them yesterday and changed 20g out Saturday. I could change another like 10g out tonight if you think that would help anything
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Where the Gourami nipped them there might be some fungus getting started.
At this point I would make sure the water is extra low in nitrate, and vacuum the floor of the tank to remove fallen food, poop, dead leaves or any other organic matter.
The fish might be able to fight off the fungi themselves, or you might need to medicate. At this point you could add a mild medicine like Melafix and Pimafix. They work well at the very beginning of a problem, and work best when the organic load is less (That is part of the reason for vacuuming the floor of the tank).

I have used these on my Angels and there were no problems. My long fin angel used to get those little white tufts every now and then. I have seen posts of problems with these meds when used with Loaches (but not all Loaches, some Loach keepers use these without issue), and Melafix is labeled not for Bettas (so I do not use it for any Anabantoid).
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Well I just got home from work and idk if it cause the tank light are off but they came right up to the glass and it seems like there find are clear now. But like I said it may just be because the tank lights are off and the only light is from the room, but they seem clear????? Idk I guess I'll see in the morning. I know I'm in love with my angels now. I really don't care if I add my gourami back to the tank or not. These are the first I've seen that aren't marble, zebrA stripe, or all white. I feel like I got lucky they were pretty cheap
Well like I said the lights come on today and the fins are looking better than yesterday still a little off but definantly clear. [censored] [censored]So do non paired angels still swim around and play with each other or will they stay away from each other if they end up being two males or two females?
Angels are super tough if they are good stock, which yours appear to be. They'll be fine.

Paired angels.... how big are they?
I'd say maybe the size of a half dollar maybe they are definantly bigger than a quarter I mean the pic is of them by my 200w jäger filter
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