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Angel spawn today- tips needed

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I have a few angles in a 180 gallon community tank. They spawned this afternoon on the overflow box for the sump. Any pointers for raising Juvie angels?
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Got some newly hatched brine shrimp? They would be good for first food.
Any catfish who work nights? They tend to find the eggs while the parents sleep.
Ok, no cat fish in that tank.
So far the eggs are still clear!
A good male doing a good job will spread it over all the eggs! If a few were missed, they will turn white as they are not fertile. At this point, don't panic if the female starts to remove the white ones as it is a way to keep fungus from spreading to the other eggs. If they are no good, they might as well be lunch??
Fish do have amazing brains for such a small area!

If all goes well, you will see a lot of attention paid to keeping them clean. The fish will protect this area and constantly fan the eggs. At some point, you will see tiny little movements at the wiggler stage. These will be somewhat adhesive at first but gradually begin to come off and drive the adults crazy. Sound like any kids you know?
they will suck them up[ and spit them back into the group if they can.

At this point, you have the option of letting them do the best they can or DIY. If there are many other fish in the tank, lots of the fry will be lost as they scatter out too far. I give them some time and watch how many are being lost and if I want to raise some, I then siphon off a few to go to a growout tank. I don't take them all. About 25 tiny fry are all I want to grow out at any one time. I siphon into a smooth bowl and just immerse the bowl in the growout tank to avoid trying to handle the tiny little fry. Don't try the net boxes as larger fish can easily suck the fry into their mouth. Even if they are not actually eaten, it kills them. Best of luck and enjoy.
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