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angel fish eggs

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I saw a thread a person did with their angelfish having eggs. Today I turn the light on my aquarium notice my koi angels also had eggs. I wish the babies would come out. I doubt that they will hatch since this angel fish havent reach mature size yet. I had some altum angels that laid egg twice but never succesfully hatch. I gave them away when I sold the tank. Here is a video of my koi angels with her eggs. Do you guys think I should put a powerhead next to it to increase the water flow. I read somewhere that that helps, but the flow might be to strong and just blow the eggs into the substrate.
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you need an airstone... not a powerhead near the eggss... but only if the mother doesn't take care of them... at least to my knowledge... and I could be wrong... lol
That sure is allot of eggs. You should take them out and put them in a 20 gal all alone. They are wonderful looking Koi angels.
Take them out the first day? Should I give them a try to take care of the eggs by themselves first? I have a spare tank but its a shrimp tank. Will the shrimp eat the eggs?
yeah they prolly will, what kind of shrimp do u have?
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