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This is my 10 gallon tank in a previous life (August 2011). It was a nice little low tech tank, until it got to the point where the plants were stunted and hair algae was dominating the tank. I knew I had to do something with the tank.

Recently, my friend got a 6 gallon long tank. While helping him search for ways to lay out such a long tank, I came across many iwagumi tanks that I han't seen in years. It was ADA style tanks that inspired me to get into planted tanks in the first place. It was then I decided I would convert my 10 gallon tank to an iwagumi tank.

As I made the preparations to acquire the ferts and CO2 equipment necessary, I also remembered that for many years I had desired to grow many stem plants, particularly Rotala species, that wouldn't grow in my low tech tanks. I decided that the new tank would have both stem bunches and a nice carpet of DHG 'Belem'.

The hardscape:

Initial planting:

All filled up and ready to go:

Tank: All-Glass Aquarium 10 gallon tank
Substrate: ADA Power Sand and Aquasoil Amazonia
Lighting: 3x 23 watt CFL in 5.5" aluminum reflector
CO2: 24oz paintball tank into GLA Atomic Regulator V3 w/ CGA320 to paintball adapter, 3-4 bps
Ferts: EI dosing using mixed dry ferts

Flora (ones not yet added in blue):
  • Eleocharis sp. 'Belem
  • Ludwigia inclinata 'Pantanal'
  • Ludwigia senegalensis
    [*]Riccardia chamedryfolia
    [*]Rotala indica
    [*]Rotala macandra
    'Japan Red'
    [*]Rotala mexicana 'Goias'
    [*]Rotala sp.
  • Rotala sp. 'Magenta'
  • Rotala sp. 'Pearl'
  • Rotala sp. 'Yao Yai'

  • 9x green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulans
  • 3x scarlet badis (Dario dario)
  • 1x red spot nerite snail (Vittina semiconica)

I just set up the tank yesterday so there are no fauna in there yet. I already have the tetras and snail waiting in another tank of mine. How long should it take to cycle the Aquasoil and Power Sand?

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cant wait to see it fill in!

the rotala butterfly in the corner is going look so nice!
IS the ludwiga S. behind the rock?

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This is the tank as of today after a water change. It's been a pretty interesting 4 months. The first 2 months were wracked with horrible algae problems, and I was pretty sure the R. magenta and R. butterfly were goners. In the 3rd month, they started to come back, but the new growth was green and stunted. In the 3rd month, I was also without CO2 for 2 weeks due to the paintball tank running out, then being found to be faulty. I replaced it with a 5 lb aluminum CO2 tank. In the 4th month, things have really started to pick up. The R. butterfly and R. magenta are starting to grow nicely, though a bit slower than some of the other plants.

The DHG belem's really coming in nicely, especially considering how little I started with (look to the OP for reference)

Got some Ludwigia pantanal a few weeks ago. Recently one side of the plant has been growing a bit oddly. Any ideas as to why?

I'm thinking of replacing the L. arcuata in front of the L. pantanal with some Rotala wallichii, since some of the L. arcuata stems get as big as the L. pantanal.
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