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Thought it would be pretty cool to start a journal so here it goes...

This is my first attempt at a planted tank. I have been reading and collecting items for a couple years and finally had time to start.


Standard 75E tank
Coral life 4 foot CF light 4X65W 6700K- Lights are on a timer-2hours using 130W then six hours of full 260W then back to 130 for the last hour...
DIY stand
A ZOO CO2 regulator, needle valve, bubble counter...
CO2 is currently injected into a glass diffuser then bubbles into a Hagen mini filter... CO2 is misted every where but Im not sure how effective it really is?
Eheim 2217 standard media, stock spray bar.


first layer pure laterite thin layer on bottom
3-4" of red flourite in the back
2-3" of eco complete for the foreground
Root tabs sperad through out


using full tap water... Our local water seems pretty good... PH at 7.4, GH at 6 KH at 4...


HC foreground
Baby tears
chain sword
dwarf sag
java fern
Bacopa M.- picked up at a local golf course!




EI method
TU TH-CSM and Excell
Sunday water change about 6 inches from the top...

I didnt really have a "plan" for a scape just kinda threw it in there. I knew I wanted to have the HC carpet though!


DIY STAND- costs 40 dollars and about 5 minutes to build! I know it looks like crap but its not finished


CO2 20lb bottle

HC Pearling nicely!




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The water doesnt seem that clear? Dont know if its not fully cycled or if its the misty co2?

I have been keeping up with the fertz, I have to premix the powder with tank water before adding it to the tank, I cant get my self to dose it directly into the tank...

No real algae issues.... just some on the glass, waiting for my LFS to get Ottos in.

HC is growing in nicely as well as the sag and chain sword, hygro A. is rooting like crazy.

Overall the plants seem to be growing well. I ordered them from aqua botanic... A lot of the leaves initially turned brown and eventually died, but I see alot of new growth... I guess that was normal? Several of the anubias leaves rotted off as well as the flower, but new leaves a growing nicely...

I want to add fish but wanted to wait till the tank cycled. the SAES were put in from day one and all are healthy and eat well, I guess there hardy fish! Was thinking of going with black neon tetras or rummy nose?

I have a snail problem as they seem to be every where and on everything... there not eating the plants, but there ugly to look at.

HOW do I know when its time to add fish? I do test and have no nitrates nitrites or ammonia...

here as some updated pics...

HC Spreading nicely

CO2 diffuser... was thinking I should just go with a reactor style...


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Very nice! Love your scape! :proud:

Your water might not seem clear because of the tannins cause by the driftwood. Does it have a yellowish-brown color, like a tea?

You're tank has been set up for two weeks, you should be good to go on adding more fish. Personally, i'd go with rummy nose over black tetras. :hihi:

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If you add purigen to your filter, it should eliminate the tannins really quickly otherwise, it could take awhile. Nice looking setup, by the way!

Just bought a bag of Purigen, its the pre bagged 100ml one, it says its good to 100 gallons, but I hope it will be enough? I just put it in the top of the canister filter, it that right?

ALSO bought 3 YoYo's and 6 Ottos!

thanks josh

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Almost a month....

I have been keeping up with the water changes and EI... Everything seems to be thriving except for the val nana which does grow and has sent runners but on some leaves there is a dark green algae.....????? so far other than that relatively algae free!!!!:hihi:


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Looks fantastic. Congrats on being relatively algae free. Vals seem to be algae prone for me. That's one of the reasons I no longer grow them. The 100 ml of purigen will be fine. Your tank looks crystal clear.
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