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I have an anacharis that the bottom half of them stem is turning brown but the tops of the anacharis are still green and still growing, can I just cut off the tops and save the plant( The tops arent very long, maybe an inch or so)? and do I need to plant it into the substrate or just let if float? or should I just pull the plants out so they don't foul up my water?
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i've been told that if this happens to anacharis, you just cut that rotting portion away, strip the leaves off the bottom inch or so of stem, and replant. i didn't do that though but i don't know what i'm doing anyways. what i did was just cut the rotten part off and let it float till my turtles ate it all
Just cut the tops, and replant. If you have lower light you can let them float for a while to get longer.

BTW, if the bottoms are rotting, you might not have enough light, or have them bunched too closely.
thanks, now the anacharis have little buds coming off of thier stems, I'm guessing these are new plants, what am I suppose to do with these, let them grow and plant them?
They are new plants. Let them grow, then you can either, cut them off the sides, and replant, or just leave as is to make it bushier.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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