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Hey Guys,
Question about the stems of my anacharis plants. I use API liquid CO2 and leaf zone as it is recommended and my stems on my anacharis plant are wearing thin and breaking off. Is this typical of this plant? I do have new growth growing on the stems but am noticing the stems looking as if they are rotting away. Has any one ever had this problem?
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Same thing used to happen with me. Never figured out why though, all my other plants thrived in that tank...
Liquid CO2, such as Seachem Excel, is glutaraldehyde (glut). While it is used as a carbon source and an algaecide in planted aquariums, there are some plants that cannot tolerate it.

Glut is known to kill Anacharis, Hornwort, and Vallisneria (vals) when used at normal dose. Higher dose or spot dose can affect other plants.

While the list of plants is few, it's best to double check that the plants you have can tolerate glut before using it in your tank. You should also double check any sensitive fish and inverts just to be safe.
Agree on the excel. however i had a bunch planted near"ish" my heater and had similar problems. i moved them away and turned down the temp from 78ish to 75 and noticed they improved. prior to that they would never root but continue to produce new shoots. since upgrading my light from t5 no to t5 ho they are rooting and growing a couple inches a week. i am now over run with clippings. Everybody raged about how much this plant thrived but i had trouble with it. i added pressurized CO2 but it wasn't until i upped the light that it took off. I currently have my clippings in a 20 high with pfs and a just a plain ole light bulb that i house my enormous colony of shell dwelling multies in (temporary while waiting for a freind to stop by) which is totally not a planted tank set up, and they are thriving. /shrug
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