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I have a few questions about anacharis.

Mine are rooting from the middle of the plant and pulling the plants down. Is that normal?
This is normal. You could cut these roots to prevent that.

The bottom portion of the plant has thick green leaves (the portion that I purchased) and the new growth is very stringy and grows long and the leaves are not grouped at all except for the ends. it's at least 1+inches between leave sections(i have one section that is over 2 inches)

Is there anyway to get the leaves to grow tighter?

I had a diy Co2 system in my 3 gal with these plants. I've removed it in hopes to stunt their growth. I've also added some RCS to the tank to keep them clean.
My experience with Anarchris was that if it doesn't have enough light or if it is shaded it grows thin and lanky as you describe. If you don't have the right balance of CO2, ferts and lights, I found the stems will be very thin and fragile. In the right conditions, you can measure the growth in inches a day.
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