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An idea for a CO2 diffuser

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I was thinking of a way to create a diffuser for my DIY co2 system, and I wanted some opinions.

I have a Rena Filstar XP1, with the water being returned via the included spraybar. I was thinking of drilling and tapping the spraybar so I could insert a barb attached to my co2 generator.

The good is that it should have good flow. The potential bad is that the co2 and water have minimal time to interact before ejection into the tank.

Any thoughts?

Mark Koelsch
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How big is your tank?

Either a DIY CO2 reactor, or glass diffuser. The reactor might have too much 'sucking power' or back pressure though. Never tried it with DIY CO2. Anyone have experience with this? :)
My tank is 38 gallons. My co2 generator is made from a 1 gallon plastic jug, which is currently plumbed into the venturi of a power head. The output of the power head is going straight into the tank.
why not put the CO2 output right at the intake of the XP1?
You could just attach the co2 hose to the valve that goes before the spraybar. Just pull the plug off the top of the flow adjusting handle and your co2 hose should fit where the plug was. Probably won't diffuse the co2 enough.
I do not like the idea of puting the CO2 into the filter intake. Pump cavitation is noisy, and not really all that good for the pump.

I will take a look at the valve.
I think you should only attach your co2 to your filter if it's pure co2. This method doesn't work well with DIY co2 generator because the remaining oxygen (once the co2 has dissolved) will ruin your filter. What I do is I get a glass diffuser and place it under the outtake of my filter. Since the glass diffuser give off much smaller bubbles and smaller bubbles= more surface area. The flow rate from the outtake will pretty much dissolve the co2 from the small bubbles and the oxygen is left behind. Good luck
How about a small DIY PVC reactor connected to the outflow of your filter? Easy to build and if done properly you will probably never notice a flow reduction. I would use a check valve though to keep aquarium water from pumping into your mix from the back pressure.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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