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So cool. I've recently been getting into the live foods game for my danio choprae fry and my other fish go crazy for the tiny microworms (even though theyre not really big enough to provide any nutritional value for the big guys). So I bought some amphipods off aquabid!

They're currently in a 5gal lightly planted (ADA soil, water sprite, dwarf hairgrass, mariseal crenata). Anyone know if they're fine with a little current from a HOB? Its currently running on this tank with a sponge prefilter. Anyone kept these guys on purpose in planted tanks?

Side note: I like the ecosystem looking tanks, so occasionally I introduce blackworms to my main 29gal which eventually dwindles to zero as the fish eat them. If I start introducing them to the 29gal, you think the amphipods would be able to start a colony with lots of hungry fish around?
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I would think the amphipods would be fine in a tank with a HOB, although you could always switch to a sponge filter, too.

As far as introducing them to a tank with fish, it would be a good idea to have a main breeding colony (aka 5g tank) in case the fish do eat all the ones introduced into their tank.

Haven't personally kept them myself, but I have seen them inside of planted tanks.
Yeah, I spotted them at my LFS awhile back but they went out of business. The main goal is to provide additional live food for the tank, so knowing they'd get hunted down is fine. Was just curious if I'd eventually be able to start a second colony in the 29 with the fish, in addition to the 5gal, but your answer makes sense.
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