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Ammonia in tap water - any way to remove?

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My tap water (well water) suddenly changed two weeks ago. It run between 1 & 2 ppm of ammonia which I found out after a water change and the fish started dying. I was able to save the majority of them by moving them to other tanks and waiting for my 75 gallon to go back to zero. I skipped my water change last week however I need to do one this weekend. The water is still running at 1.0 ppm for ammonia. Any ideas of how to get the ammonia out before the water change?

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Seachem Prime.

Prime +1

costs more, but lasts forever (nearly!)

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Prime doesn't get rid of ammonia, but should make it where it doesn't harm your fish. You will still detect the same ammonia during testing, however. You could possibly age your water with some type of aeration or use a RO.
Thanks - I think I might go RO for my smaller tanks and prime for my larger one (with smaller water changes). Hopefully the water changes back soon.

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this is kinda off topic... but if you drink the tap water would you die??
What the human body can tolerate has almost no bearing on what aquatic life can survive?

And +1 on the Prime. Best bang for your buck out there. Lasts as stated (nearly) forever or at least the 500mL size does, and is much more effective than the typical pet store additives.
*This is only my experience, individual results may vary*
Prime does not cost more.
Cost per gallon of water treated is among the lowest priced dechlorinators.

Compare same size bottles and the total gallons treated and you will see that Chloramine Buster and Prime treat close to 10 times the amount of water as something like Amquel, and are similarly priced per bottle.

Read the label to see the proper dose for the amount of ammonia in your water. My tap water tests 1 ppm ammonia from Chloramine, and the standard dose treats that just fine.
According to what I have read the level of ammonia in our water is significantly below what is safe for human consumption. I still am drinking our filtered water which removes 100% of the ammonia. I thought it would be a great idea to use that for the tanks. My husband said they last 300 gallons. It sure wouldn't last long.

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Using Seachem Safe is even cheaper - mixed with water makes 10 x 500 ml of Prime.

1ppm is a lot. Mine is .25 ppm and in my larger tanks my test come out zero after a week but in my two 3 gallons it always stays at .25 ppm. See if you can get a water quality report from your town.

I am switching to Prime in the near future too.
Inline carbon water filter rather than RO. You can use it for the whole house.

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