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ammannia gracilis poor growth

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Hello. I have been having some issues with my ammannia gracilis and wanted to know if anyone knows a solution or what the cause may be? Everything else seems to be growing decently except A.R mini which has some odd looking leaves from time to time.
Tank - 55 Gallon
Substrate - Sand
Co2 - approx 30ppm or more
lighting - beamswork da fspec and 6 lamps @ 10k lumens altogether, par value unknown.
flow - 3 powerheads
dosing - E.I with GLA ferts + csm+b and only dosing KNO3 2/3 times a week. I add 30ppm Ca and 10 ppm Mg to 25 gallons of water for my weekly 50% water change. I also add a cap full of flourish weekly and dose flourish iron 3x a week.
Water - RO-DI water
kh - 2 or 3.
gh - 9? its consistently testing 9.

Extra info - I dropped my KH from 4 to 2 because someone said the micros may not be available to plants at that ph. I think the poor growth could be from co2 or it could be because i am missing some nutrient because of the RO-DI water. Any information will help, thank you!


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It's a tough plant to grow, I've never had luck with it. Sometimes it's better to admit defeat with certain plants and move on to a similar looking species that you might have better luck with.

I thought I read somewhere that it likes harder and more basic water rather than softer, acidic water... I could be wrong though.
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