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Hello everyone!

I'm back again after a small hiatus. The plants are back in stock and there are some cool, new species that aren't found everywhere.

Plants are taken from a display tank at my LFS, who have tasked me to help them with their foray into the online world. They are 100% rooted and in great condition. All orders will be packaged and picked by myself! These plants are great, since I have them in all of my 5 tanks as well.

Species include:

Bacopa amplexicaulis
Ludwigia repens
Amazon Swords
Argentine Swords
Java Fern
Lobelia cardinalis
Rotala indica
Gymnocoronis spylanthoides
Ammania gracillis
Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae
Spathiphyllum Wallisii
Echinodorus parviflorus
Giant Vals
Elodea :p

Prices are:

$16.50 for a bundle of three of the plants. If you add a sword or giant val of any type to the bundle, add an extra $1. So a bundle with 7+ stems of Ammania, 7+ stems of ludwigia, and a LARGE 8-12 inch amazon sword with multiple plantlets will be $17.50 with the price of first class shipping included.

Each sword or val can be split up to make multiple plants! Portions are generous!

Expedited (2-3 day) shipping will be just $4.50 more.

The money-back, DOA policy only extends if the plant is shipped via priority mail. I am not responsible for USPS delays. First Class Mail usually reaches the other part of the country from me within 3 days. I have had a lot of success with it with my previous orders, including one to Canada.

Message me for payment details!

Tank Overview:
Plant Vertebrate Water Light Natural environment

Purple plant is the Lobelia!
Plant Plant community Flower Purple Houseplant

Swords and Gymnocoronis galore!
Water Plant Plant community Light Pet supply

Stems, including Bacopa, Rotala, and Ludwigia
Plant Flower Terrestrial plant Grass Groundcover

More stems!
Flower Plant Petal Terrestrial plant Grass
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