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American-Flag fish

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I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I have read reports that they can be agressive, but at the same time, they are awesome HA eaters. I have some HA and I bought three of them a few days ago, but all they do is hide in the floor plants and sorta just sit there. I have all peacefull community fish and one betta that sorta sticks to the back corner and flits around. Does anyone have any ideas about what's going on here?
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My experience? I have a male (female came sick and died in quarantine after a month). He is an uber-nasty fin nipper, and decided he is a male Bolivian Ram, constantly harassing the female and chasing off the male. Oh, did I mention he preferred to eat my star grass and HM and poke holes in many other plants rather than eat hair algae? The FFF around here are very cheap ($1.99) and wild caught. Perhaps you'd have a better experience than I. The female wasn't as bad. I switched him over to another tank and he started terrorizing the endler's in there. Grumpy now lives in a bucket until I decide what to do with him. I keep and I've kept cichlids all my life - this is the most aggressive fish I've owned for his size except for pseudotropheus demasoni.

From Aquahobby: Not a community fish! I bought three males and returned them after three days! They settled in nicely and went to town on the algae in my 100 liter tank. However, they aggressively pursued my three panda corys and my two guppies, tearing chunks out of their fins, and also were attacking my other plants that I did not want destroyed. They did not bother my scissor tail rasboras, thread fin rainbow, lemon tetras, dwarf puffer, and von rio tetra. They also ignored my shrimp. I was so disappointed to have to return them for the safety of my other fish, as I thought they were very entertaining and beautiful. The fish store manager did not believe me as he never had a problem with them himself. A single Flag Fish might have been better, or perhaps a female, but I'm not sure I want to risk putting them in my tank again.
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I dont seem to have any issues with mine. I lost a female as well, so there is only 2 males left. I do believe it does vary from fish to fish
i started with four females in my 30 gallon planted to take care of some irritating algae....they did that way better than i expected. I put two males and two females into my 40 gallon clipping/holding tank for the same reason so fair they have been doing wonderfully there as well. I've started to move the small females over to the big tank as the little tank is supposed to be for cherry shrimp and i finally saw a berried female. So all none oto shaped fish are on the move as i can catch them.

So far no problems with my males but i figured in a four foot tank they'd be able to avoid each other. They dont give any gried that i've seen to my opaline gouramis (though they sometimes chase the FF).

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