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American Flag Fish/Florida Killie

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Just thought I'd share my experience with this fish. I bought a male American Flag Fish appx 5 days ago. While this fish is beautiful to look at, it did not eat any algae or touch any plants, which is what it was supposed to do. For 5 days this fish looked unhappy and kept looking at it's reflection on the glass. I only got one male because my LFD guy did not recommend more than one because they might get aggressive towards each other. Well today I brought 2 females and the male has never been happier. In fact all 3 fish were actively eating algae and nipping on the plants, which the one male has never done before. I'm guessing these fish need to school or at least have 2 or 3 in a tank to be happy. Anyone has any experience with these fish?
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No, but I'm not surprised with the behavior change. Flagfish are much more complicated than most killies in behavior...if you need proof, just watch them spawn in a shallow tank, in which males will actually protect the eggs! (Spawning them in a deep tank will result in the flagfish open-water spawning like any other member of their family, the pupfishes).

Just be careful, though...flagfish are not one of the more docile fish of their size. Some flagfish will go after their tank mates quite aggressively, so keep an eye on them.
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