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Ambulia Brown/White Tips

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Hi all,

I'm new to planted tanks and have setup a low tech tank with a few easy to look after plants and fish. One of these plants is an Ambulia which seems to be growing well but doesn't look very nice because the tips have turned white, some with a brownish tinge.

Some info about the tank. 2ft tank with a single T8 Power-Glo close to the water surface. I also have a Juwel NovoLux LED which is currently turned off in case this was the problem. Lights are on for 9 hours solid each day. pH is stable at 6.5 due to the Fluval Stratum substrate and fortnightly 25% water changes, although the tank is quite new still. I'm not dosing any ferts, CO2, etc.

Fish bioload is reasonably low with 8 very small ember tetras (some barely more than fry!).

Any suggestion appreciated :)

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Nitrate and phosphate readings?

Without pic main suspect is iron deficiency but being as your not dosing anything you probably have more than just a shortage of iron. There over a dozen different macro and micro elements needed by plants. Those need to be dosed in relation to light levels and plants/species and uptake rate. Lower-med light tank with no CO2 needs a lean dosing of a complete fert like thrive at probably 1/3-1/2 strength probably every other day or twice a week.
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