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Hi there I am new to this forum, and am a relative novice to aqua scaping and growing plants, but I love it. I have a 60 litre planted tank with swords, crypts, Anubius and limnophila sessiflora. Everything is doing well apart from my swords won’t grow tall! They are constantly growing new leaves but they never get any taller. I’ve also noticed some of the leaves are super healthy and some, maybe one in 5, have some brown spots on them. I cut them off now and then and leave the healthy ones. I did try some red ludwigia too but that has just died off, I guess the light wasn’t strong enough.
I have root tabs in the substrate which is gravel and I dose ferts once a week, using seachem comprehensive.

Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking maybe they are not getting loads of light or something, my lights are set to come up gradually and only be on at the brightest for around 3 hours. It simulates sunrise and sunset. I was thinking of switching it to just be on bright for 8 hours but I don’t want to mess up the other plants that are doing very well.

I have hard water that is kept at 24- 25 degrees Celsius, I think that’s about 75f.
Stocking is just neons and a betta and about a million ramshorn snails. :)

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