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Amazon Frogbit not doing well

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So i bought some frogbit to enrich my shrimps lives and help keep my nitrates down all was going well but progressively over time its getting browner and more rotten. My only idea to why would be my water level. This last water change i filled my tank a little more then normal (I did a bad and walked away from a water change.) Is my canopy glass killing it with condensation? Could it be my light? I have a LED Aqueon Optibright and I have it on all day to promote algae growth for my otto's.

I do use Seachem flourish two days a week for ferts and root tabs which obviously are in the substrate. Here is the way it looks currently...

I do have a tidal 75 filter but I have it set pretty low so the surface agitation is minimal. Plus some airline tubing helps keep it down.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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