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After an up and down journey with my discus, I made the hard decision to rehome them all. It is a much better situation for them but is still bittersweet... Anyways, on to my new adventure!!

I have the same tank and equipment, but now just a new main species of fish... German Blue Rams!!

Tank Setup:
- Tall 60 gallon Marineland tank, with clip-on weak lights
- Filters: HOB Top Fin Silenstream Power Filter 75 and Fluval 307 canister filter
- 2 Marineland Visi-Therm Submersible Aquarium Heaters
- Substrate: Fluval Stratum
- Spiderwood driftwood
- River rocks
- Indian almond leaves
- Crushed coral in the 307 filter
- NO C02

- Temp – 80 F
- ph – 6.5
- Ammonia reading – 0
- Nitrite reading – 0
- Nitrate reading – 0-5ppm
- KH - 4
- GH - 6

Current Fish Stock:
5 Panda cory’s
5 Columbian Red & Blue tetras
6 Serpae tetras
7 Rummeynose tetras
5 Rosy tetras
1 Rubberlip pleco
3 Mystery snails
3 Amano shrimp
3 German Blue Rams
- Large male "Rafi"
- 2 Smaller females

Limited Plants: I've tried ALOT but they all died eventually. I've been using Thrive S at the suggested dosage too!
- Jungle val
- I have no clue what it is but it's decently sized. The plant wrapped around the driftwood in the middle. (I think this has been the one plant that lived because it's always been higher in the water column closer to the light.)

Any recommendations on what plants to try would be greatly appreciated!! The biggest issues are my crappy lights and the fact that it's about 25 inches from the lid to the substrate.

Any and all feedback, suggestions, and questions are welcomed!!

Here are some pictures of the tank and my new obsessions!!


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Would love some help or suggestions with my ideas for adjusting scape...

I'm mostly happy with how it looks now but I feel like it's missing something... I think it's mostly because the tank is so tall. I was debating adding some more rocks, I have river rocks now, or maybe adding some more driftwood. And of course, I really want to add more plants (that's a whole issue in itself)!!

The main reason behind this desire is because I'm finding the female GBR's either hiding behind my stunted jungle val on the left side or being pushed around by the male. I'm worried that there aren't enough hiding spots for them or pieces that break up sightlines. The rest of the tank mates seem to be in sync.

Here are my initial ideas and I'd love to get everyone's opinions on them!!

1. Find some driftwood that would extend tall enough on the left side and add some plants to the driftwood. This would not only give the two female GBR's some more places to relax around, but it would also give any new plants the best shot at living since they would be halfway closer to the lights.

2. If I can't find the right driftwood, would adding another female GBR help? Strength in numbers kind of thing...

3. Add more rocks that are larger and able to break up sightlines.

I attached a mock-up of what I'm envisioning with a new piece of driftwood and some plants...

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated!!!


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Nice start. The rams look great with nice full bodies and good coloration. I would add a black background to make the colors really pop and focus more attention on the fish and scape. Maybe also get rid of one of the heaters for less hardware in the tank.

Another female or two could spread aggression and the constant harassment to breed. More hiding spots with dense plant growth could help too.
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