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Amazing product.

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Once again, this product has proven to me it's great power.

this product, although recommended to use as the only feeding source for "xx" amount of days, works great/better if you let the fish food soak in it. i do that because 3/4 of the time, the fish could care less about some gel blob floating around the water and you end up wasting the product. jungle makes a food with medication in it, but that is no use to us who keep small fish such as neons, rasbora, minnows, etc.
first, i usually put a small amount of food in a cup and then put enough drops to barely cover the food. i let the food soak it up for about 10 minutes. i know that the product says "internal and external bacterial infections", but it works for many different illnesses. if you have something wrong with your fish, other than ich, i would grab this first.
i've had an african cichlid with (from what i assumed) an internal parasite. he ignored food as the others ate and became slightly emaciated. someone recommended the product. i quarantined the fish (in the tank by means of a breeder box) and fed the fish only medicine-soaked food. within a week, the fish was coming to the top and eating food out of my hand.
the most recent experience is with a neon tetra i have. it had a patch of white on it's backside. i'm not sure of the illness it had, but within a week of feeding him soaked food everyday, i see no signs of the infection.

i highly recommend this product if you suspect your fish have a problem and you need a quick fix! :thumbsup:
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