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Amano/Yamato shrimp eat clado?

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Heard that this shrimp will eat strands of clado. I have a few strands that I have to pluck every few weeks in my moss and if I can add a few of these it would be helpful. Are we talkin rid it of clado? Or will eat SOME of it?

If not, any other ideas other than to scrap it, and H2O2 the spot it was?
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They will pick at it, but won't eat ALL of it. SAE are suppose to eat it as well.

Personally, I have no experience with SAE, and when I had a clado issues, I did not have amanos yet. What I did was just like the clado grow into a thick mat, and just pulled it all out at once. Worked for me at least. lol
I saw my amanos pick at it when I had some clado also. I actually think they were eating detritus stuck in it though, as they didn't seem to actually consume any of it. I ground it up and tried to feed it to my daphnia. Now there's clado growing in my daphnia culture.
Looks like ill skip buying a few and just tear off the moss and toss it and boil the driftwood. Dang.
When I had clado in my 40 gallon, I put in over 100 amanos and didn't feed them. They cleared up the entire mess within a week and then I gave about 60 away to fellow group members.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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