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I started a new 10 gallon a couple of months back and decided to try amanos along with about 20 RCS. This amano had recently been looking on the outs and hadn't eaten anything in over a week, so I figured something was wrong but wanted to wait it out.

Yesterday morning I found it with a stuck molt (the body had come out of the shell but the legs were all still stuck) and its face looked smashed in. I left it alone for a few hours but it never freed itself. Didn't feel like there was much to lose so I tried to gently remove some of the shed. Most of it did come off, and I'd hoped maybe it would harden up and this issue would be resolved, but its poor face is still smashed in.

Has anyone ever seen this happen? Does this shrimp stand any chance of survival? It does appear to still have most if not all of its legs, is still able to walk/swim, but I haven't seen it eat yet. The other amano molted about a week ago with no issue and all of the RCS that have molted have also been normal/no issues.

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