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Amano Shrimp Sensitivity?

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Wondering if anyone here with experience with Amano shrimp could fill me in on how sensitive they tend to be with regard to ferts? My concern is that I recently tested for nitrate shortly after my daily EI dose, and it went from zero before dosing, to at least 20ppm, possibly much higher (the API nitrate color chart is impossible to read after 20ppm...) Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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I keep amanos successfully in my heavily stocked discus tank and with nitrates everpresent in the tap water from farm fertilizer runoff, my tank has a nitrate level of 30 often. The amanos are always berried!
My sister has some amanos in a 3gal tank that get little to no water changes (just top offs) and they are doing good.
my nitrates are always above 40ppm. eveyone is fine in my tank
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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