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Amano Help

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Found one of my amanos with 1 white leg and a red spot on it(all legs should be transparent)

Trying to get a picture, not working out. Seems to be acting normal.

Should i remove him from the tank? Has anyone had this issue?

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Looks like it's just a hurt leg. Are there any fish in there? They might have tried to bite it, or he just caught it on something. It should be fine. I have had one for about a year that is missing one of his legs. He's been normal the whole time and getting around just fine with just 5 legs.
It does just look like any injury, it should not slow him down at all. He has 5 more!!!
Neons, otto, Chinese algae eater, nerites are all that's in the same tank. Must of stubbed his toe. Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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